Welcome to Say It With, the #1 fashion jewellery brand in the UK and Ireland.

When we started out in 2016, we really didn’t know what we were doing (sometimes we feel we still don’t!), but one thing we did know was that we wanted to make expensive jewellery
accessible to ALL!

Originally starting with our signature diamond winged initial, the popularity of our brand grew as customers were
blown away with the quality and also the great price!

We quickly realised that people wanted to be on trend and have meaning behind their jewellery and they wanted to be part of a community.

We started with GIA stones undercutting most high street jewellers but not really profiting from it. We made some poor choices with prices and had
some losses and those clients got absolute bargains!

Fast forward to now and we have made so many twist and turns along the way but our customers were always at the heart of what we do!

So thank you for all of you that has supported us on our journey it means the world to us!

So we hope you like our rebrand. Your Brand. 

#sayitwith #sayityourway

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