Jewellery Care

All of our pieces are lovingly created using 925 Sterling Silver, 18ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, 18ct Rose Gold & Precious Stones. Costume jewellery is made up of a mix of Alloy and Brass.

We recommend having your jewellery checked and cleaned by a professional once a year. Please note that our Say it with Diamonds gift boxes are not made for long-term storage as they are not airtight.  

Diamond Care
Your diamond will last forever, but special care should be given to cleaning and storing to maintain its brilliance and sparkle.

To help keep their lustre, soak in warm water, and a couple of drops of washing-up liquid. Gently brush with a soft, clean brush, such as an unused soft toothbrush, rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a lint-free cloth. If it is a ring be extra careful with the stone's setting as this may be fragile. Avoid using bleaches or other hard abrasives. Keeping the diamond in an individual small bag/pouch specifically designed for keeping diamond jewellery in, or a fabric-lined case such as our very own jewellery box that has many different compartments, this will help reduce damage, wear and a build-up of dirt.  

Remember, try not to wear your diamond when doing rough work or household chores. Store it away from other jewellery to avoid scratching the other pieces. Even though diamonds are durable, they can be chipped by a hard knock.

 Silver Care

Silver is subject to tarnishing over time, resulting in dull or even black jewellery. Tarnishing occurs when silver is exposed to oxygen and sulphur in the air. It is unavoidable, but it does not damage the metal and can be removed easily with cleaning.    

Wearing, and being careful with how you store your silver jewellery will slow the process of tarnishing. Remove rings and bracelets when washing your hands. Residue from soap and hand gels can result in a dull surface. When silver is not being worn, store it away in air tight bags or a jewellery box to help maintain it and to get the most from your product. Do not keep it in our gift boxes as these are not air tight.

To maintain the shine on your silver, avoid humid environments, contact with perfume, hairspray and domestic cleaning products.

The simplest way to clean silver is to buy a specialist cleaning solution or cloth. Just make sure they have been designed for cleaning silver. Silver cleaning cloths should be soft and infused with anti tarnish agents - such as our Anti Tarnish Cloth - we suggest using this after your piece has been worn before storing it away.

Another option is to soak the jewellery for ten minutes in a bowl of lukewarm water with a few drops of washing-up liquid. Gently scrub the silver with a soft, clean brush. Rinse in clean, warm water. Leave to air dry. 

Gold Plated Care

To enjoy your gold plated pieces for years to come, gently polish regularly with a chemical free soft cloth to bring out its vibrant shine. Avoid the traditional polishing or anti tarnish cloth as this will scratch the plating off. As with other pieces, avoid contact with lotions and perfumes as this will cause it to tarnish. It’s also best to store your gold plated jewellery separately in an air tight plastic bag to avoid discolouration from other metal types.

Gold Care

It doesn't take long for gold jewellery to lose its shine. Fingerprints and a daily build-up of dirt can quickly dull even the brightest gold. Gold is susceptible to scratching, be as gentle as possible when cleaning and drying.

A cleaning solution designed for jewellery is a safe option, but please make sure any solution is intended for the correct precious metal or gemstone.

Or you can use the following steps - add a few drops of washing-up liquid to a bowl of lukewarm water. (Extreme temperature changes may damage the jewellery so avoid too hot or ice-cold water). Soak the jewellery for 10 minutes to loosen any build-up of dirt. Gently clean with a soft brush, such as an unused toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly in clean water to remove soap residue and any other remnants of dirt. Dry gently with a lint-free cloth or leave on a cloth to air dry. 

Gemstone Care

Gemstones are bought for their sparkle and colour, so it's essential to keep them looking their best. Although a gemstone may appear tough, many can be susceptible to heat. For nearly all coloured gemstones cleaning with warm water, a couple of drops of washing-up liquid and a soft brush, such as a soft or extra soft clean toothbrush, will be more than adequate. 

Costume Jewellery

Keep your costume jewellery dry and tarnish free. Avoid doing the dishes, having a bath or shower, household chores or swimming with your costume jewellery on. If any harsh chemicals come into contact with it it will change the colour or begin to rust.

Do not use jewellery cleaners made for silver, gold or platinum jewellery. The harsh chemical found in these will ruin your fashion piece as they are not made from any of these metals. 

Most costume jewellery pieces deteriorate quickly because it is not stored properly. We recommend storing your pieces in air tight bags and away from other pieces when not wearing it.

To clean, add a tiny bit of washing-up liquid to a soft toothbrush, run a little water over the brush. Gently scrub away any smudges or build-up of dirt. Rinse/wipe away with a cloth dipped in clean water. Lay the jewellery on a clean piece of tissue or soft cloth and wipe/pat completely dry. Do not soak in water as this may loosen the material/glue the pieces are made with.

If unsure with any of our advice, please seek professional help.   

 Top Tips At A Glance

Remove jewellery when bathing, showering or swimming

Avoid any direct contact with body lotions, perfumes, domestic cleaning products or any other chemicals.

Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off to avoid catching it and it coming into contact with any lotions/perfumes. Do not go to bed with your jewellery on. 

Your jewellery can react to sunlight or extreme body heat, take it off in the sun, when using a sauna or exercising.

Clean your jewellery after each use and before storing it away in separate air tight bags or a jewellery box, such as our Signature Pink Jewellery Box.

Are you using more hand sanitiser since the start of the current pandemic? Due to the high alcohol content it can tarnish your metal jewellery quicker.

If you are super organised and your item won't be gifted for a while, we advise to firstly check the purchase is correct/not faulty (please see our return policy if you have any issues). Keep it in an air tight bag, then add it to the box when giving it to your recipient to avoid the item tarnishing, please also make sure the recipient knows not to keep it in the gift box, you should receive a care card with your purchase to pass on, but there's always this page to help keep the piece in tip top condition. 

What is tarnishing, and why does it happen?

As your metals react to chemicals such as oxygen and sulphur the metals undergo a process known as oxidisation. Silver is especially reactive to the sulphur and this reaction is what causes the dreaded tarnish. This starts with a dullness or a slight golden colour, eventually resulting in a black coating on the metal. The amount of tarnishing that occurs is dependant on the skin and care habits of the wearer. Tarnishing therefore is not a manufacturing fault.


Take care of your Say it With Diamonds piece, and it will stay precious for years to come…