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If you haven't seen them before, birthstones are a kind of gemstone. Gemstones are minerals that have been cut and polished with the purpose of being used as jewellery. Birthstones are worn as jewellery to show the world the month of the year that you were born. Many people believe that there is a connection between the month of your birth and gemstones because each gemstone means something different. For example, the birthstone for February is an Amethyst which is purple in colour and means wisdom and the birthstone for November is a Citrine which is yellow in colour and means joy. So, if your birthday is in February perhaps you are a very wise person!

We really love birthstones here at Say It With. They are so colourful and reflect light from every angle to create a beautiful sparkle. They are therefore great for adding a pop of colour and livening up any outfit. That is why we sell a birthstone necklace for every month of the year. The birthstone pendant is enclosed in sterling silver, is approximately 9mm in size and hangs from a sterling silver 18-inch chain. A gift box is also included with every purchase.

Women's, Babies' and children's birthstone necklaces

You can purchase a birthstone necklace as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone special in your life. This includes children as we also sell a mini birthstone necklace which is exactly the same as the adult version apart from the length of the chain, which is 14 inches instead of 18 inches. There is also no need to just choose a necklace based on when you were born, you can always choose based on your favourite colour.