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Our curated collection of winged jewellery is designed to be a delight to children. Each piece is pretty, dainty and delicate, with the quality to last and be treasured. We offer a range of winged kids jewellery, kids winged earrings of all kinds and kids winged necklaces made from sterling silver inset with diamonds and precious stones.

The wing motif lets your imagination take flight, whether they represent delicate angel wings, fairy wings, soaring birds or the winged messenger, they are delightful and charming. The wings can have many meanings. Flying represents improvement and success, striving and aspiration. Open wings are symbolic of escape and hope, while wings wrapped around are a symbol of protection, of a Guardian angel watching over you.

In many cultures, wings have a spiritual significance. They are the emblem of the soul, of purity, innocence and virtue. They embody liberation, transcendence and freedom. Mercury, the swift Roman god of eloquence, travel and good fortune, is depicted in a winged hat and shoes carrying messages between gods and mortals.

Our beautiful sterling silver earrings and necklaces can be personalised. We offer bespoke ranges with your child's initial and glittering cubic zirconia or dazzling diamond inlaid wings set in sterling silver. The personalised earrings can be paired with the bespoke kids winged necklace to complete the set. A lovely individual gift for birthdays and special occasions. A kids winged necklace comes with a shorter 14 inch chain to fit perfectly.

Small winged earrings make a more stylish alternative to the practical stud earring. Neat and subtle for everyday but adding glamour and sparkle for special occasions. The wings of flight represent aspiration and improvement, making them a perfect gift as encouragement for a child struggling towards a goal, or as a reward for having achieved that goal. The wide-ranging symbolism of wings makes each piece a great gift to send a message of hope, strength, support or celebration.