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Me and Mine jewellery makes the perfect gift for someone else - or for yourself. Our collection features a range of stunning pieces, offering personal present choices, together with an assurance of quality, class and beauty. Our Me and Mine jewellery range is designed with the individual in mind. We deliver our trademark luxurious jewellery, complete with a very personal touch. It is the perfect choice when you want to really show your appreciation for a loved one, or get yourself a very special treat.

The collection features a variety of pieces, including bangles and earrings, all strikingly adorned with diamonds for that all-important touch of luxury. The initial design of some of the pieces makes it easy to choose a really personal present - if you can bear to give such beauty away! Every piece speaks of sophistication and style, delivering the beauty of diamonds in the perfect personalised package. Me and Mine jewellery is ideal for every occasion and is so beautiful the wearer will never want to take it off.

The pieces combine style with subtlety, making them perfect for everyday wear, as well as adding sophistication to special occasion outfits. They make the ideal gift to yourself to celebrate a special occasion or for someone else to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, graduation, birth, or anything else. Every piece is designed to reflect the personality of its wearer. Each item encapsulates inner and outer beauty whilst ensuring that individuality is never forgotten.

We know that true beauty exists on every level and so we assure you of the highest quality in both the appearance and the construction of each and every item of Me and Mine jewellery. These stunning pieces are designed to convey long-lasting love or affection and are pieces that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

We love providing you with jewellery that you will treasure or will convey your affection for someone else and we pride ourselves on offering this in a personal package that will always be a shining example of style and sophistication.